Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Okay, so it wasn't the nineteenth century or the North Pole, but it was pretty cold. And, I suppose I should point out, Ivan doesn't really smoke a pipe or wear a knitted beanie ... maybe he should because it's an interesting look.

The reason Ivan was out in the cold was that Technip FMC and their client, Husky Energy, were looking for a coating to apply on their FPSO, Sea Rose. They organised a trial of three short-listed coatings - one of which was Alocit. Ivan travelled up to Newfoundland to oversee the subsea application of Alocit in waters below 5°C. Alocit USA supplied a custom-built pumping system for the trial and, despite the distance between the pumping station and the diver, were the clear winners of the trial, significantly outperforming the rival coatings. The system allowed continuous delivery of Alocit to the diver from the FPSO deck to the application site, more than 50 metres away.

The pics below show the diver applying Alocit and the frozen splendour of the area around the work site.

Friday, 14 April 2017


He would definitely have come to our party last week ...

Thank you to everybody who came to see us at the WA Club in Perth last Tuesday, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and, for those who were unable to attend, we hope to see you next time - you missed a good night. Particularly happy was Tony Lutzu of Orontide, who won the prize draw and went home with a case of great Western Australian wine.
Special thanks to Jerry Fraser for his awesome oyster virtuosity and to Dr Peter Farinha of Extrin and Vas Dziombak of Orontide for their insight and the time they spent with us, nourishment for the mind as well as the body.

The evening was organised to raise awareness about thermoplastics and how their use has allowed new approaches to corrosion control ... and, of course, to have an enjoyable evening in the wonderful setting of Perth's Western Australia Club, overlooking a glorious Swan river sunset.

Not a great shellfish lover myself, I had not experienced oyster shucking, especially not as performance art! For most people though, the oysters were a welcome treat, as were the drinks and the opportunity to share some time and stories with like-minded people. The presentations were entertaining and informative, Peter and Vas shared their experiences from a technical and long-term user perspective ... and I was able to sum up some of the Enviropeel story for those who were unfamiliar with the technology.

All-in-all, it was a great evening.

For those of you who are interested, the presentation can be viewed on the following link: Thermoplastic Presentations.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


'The Magic Underwater Coating' 

They say that familiarity breeds contempt and it is certainly true that we all can sometimes take for granted those things which are always around us, not noticing how amazing they might be just because they are just part of our every day life. So, it was with some surprise that we watched the astonished reaction of attendees at AOG to the Alocit underwater application demonstration on our stand. As Chris Harrey, Australian manager for A&E, reported:

... the underwater coating demonstration went down a storm! No one had ever seen such a thing and watched in amazement. People would come back and bring other people to show them the 'magic underwater coating' ...

Obviously, we need to do more to ensure that everybody takes us for granted. No point in keeping all that amazingness to ourselves! Click on this link: AOG Underwater, if you would like to see a 'live' application.

As well as this bit of unexpected excitement, the show went really well. Very high quality visitors, lots of interested attendees. A really worthwhile exercise ... particularly for Jeff Fraser of E&M Industries who went home with a case of wine courtesy of A&E - and Tracey Winn of the Australian Corrosion Association who graciously agreed to draw the winning card.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

and now, with a bit more hair ...

Transatlantic co-operation

Talking of Haycoxs and Riser Clamps, here is a group of miscreants off the west coast of Africa who look a lot happier than they probably are. On the left are Josh Haycox and Ivan Hess who were in the Republic of Congo Brazzaville on a mission to assist with training and application using Enviropeel on riser clamps for Total.

Ivan is Technical Manager for Enviropeel USA, based in Indianapolis where he works closely with EUSA President, Kenny Boehm on product and business development for the whole of the Americas. A regular visitor to Chile and Peru, this was Ivan's first trip to Africa.

Josh, who represents a third generation of the Haycox family working to save the world from corrosion, was sent out from the UK to meet up with Ivan in Pointe-Noire. They travelled offshore to the Total platform for Actemium Oil and Gas where they successfully completed the project using Enviropeel equipment supplied by Corrosion Coating Systems of Louisiana.

The second photo shows the platform from the air, although Ivan and Josh travelled the 40 or so miles to the platform by sea in a 'Surfer', a relatively small service vessel used to supply oil and gas installations in the area.

Like father, like son?

Not so much ...

CEO, Arthur Haycox and his son, Technical Director of A&E Simon Haycox, do have a lot in common but it may not be obvious from the photograph. Taken at this year's AOG in Perth, the photo shows them relaxing after a day of presenting to attendees at the exhibition, one of the relatively few arenas where their complementary skills are best displayed together.

Arthur is a businessman and entrepreneur who has a perverse pride in owning a paint company but never using a paint brush, whereas Simon would not only use the brush but redesign it to make sure it gave optimum performance.

Simon was in Perth to work on developments at the Perth office but, as the designer and engineer behind the development of the riser clamp protection system, it seemed like a good idea to have him on the stand to answer questions. His long history with Alocit was also a useful asset as the water tank featured in the photo became a focus of attention for newcomers to Alocit's amazing underwater capabilities. Simon was also involved with the original design for the Enviropeel application units back in the 1990s so, between the two of them, they know all there is to know about the A&E business.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Next stop Saturn?

Sean Ong must have enough frequent flyer points to travel across the solar system. He has recently returned to Malaysia from yet another training trip, this time visiting the Indian subcontinent to commission a new Enviropeel application unit and visit a number of clients for Extreme Oilfield Services, who are introducing Enviropeel into the region around Mumbai.

It was a very successful trip, with four operatives trained and a satisfying level of interest from the businesses Sean visited. The photo shows Sean explaining how Enviropeel works to ONGC, India's state-owned oil and gas production company which supplies 77% of the country's crude oil and 66% of its natural gas.

Extreme Oilfield Services provide a wide range of engineering services and manufacture many components essential to the local and international oil and gas industry. Enviropeel has been introduced by Extreme as part of their commitment to innovation, quality and customer service.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Another twelve months ...

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere?

If you like it cold, try the mid-west. Kenny Boehm sent these photos of the roadside as he passed through Indiana on his way to Ohio. It looks pretty, but I wouldn't care to be a cow in those fields.

At the same time as Kenny was travelling through the snow, Ivan was heading south for Texas on a mission to protect some more wind farms, hopefully in warmer climes.

Maybe not ...

Meanwhile, Arthur, our CEO has adopted the most sensible approach. He is spending Christmas in Perth, Australia, where the Christmas turkey will be served with an ice cold beer or a crisp chardonnay from the Margaret River. Possibly with a view of a glorious sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Wherever you find yourself and no matter how you will celebrate the change of seasons and the coming of the New Year, everyone at Alocit and Enviropeel wishes you the best possible fortune for the next twelve months.

Let's make 2017 a good year to remember